Dogra Magra [09/06/2021]
I still can't get over the fact that Yumeno Kyusaku's work hasn't been translated into English. 

Lost Generation Style [10/05/2021]
The experience of doing a second master's. 

The Paul Brothers [09/05/2021] 
The real reason why they are doing all those boxing matches is that they can't possibly suffer any more brain damage. Logan, the "smart" bro, thinks he can beat Mayweather. He also happens to be the more "likeable" of the two. And that's the same guy who went looking for and then jokingly showed to the whole world the dead body of a man who had committed suicide.
Then again, perhaps the true measure of their hybris is that they keep participating in recorded sports events (that involve vigorous upper torso movement), despite having that ambiguous Trump hairstyle.  🥊🧑‍🦲🥊    👀👀👀⁉️⁉️‼️

Ugh [08/05/2021]
I feel that the whole lockdown gig, the entire past year basically, should have endowed me with some revolutionary enlightenment; ~THE Epiphany To End ALL Epiphanies~.
...Meanwhile, the only thing I learned is how to do online shopping more cost-effectively. 

Roman spy [04/04/2021]
Imagine having to report back to Rome on Jesus's activities:
- Ambulavit in aqua!
- Prohibere vinum bibens, Cassie. 
Delightful [04/04/2021]
When scholars -who just published or are about to publish a book- ferociously  feud  over whose snake oils stink the most.

This whole year [03/04/2021]
Has been a loophole of jumping up from the couch in a bra-less panic when the delivery guy shows up.

Hue hue hue [23/03/2021]

I did a thing.

I wanna get the Sputnik vaccine [07/03/2021]
Due to coolness of name, which is the only criterion by which I can judge vaccine specs anyway.

Arab-Mongol ninjas (?) [20/02/2021]
The Rouran in Mulan (2020).  Aguilera's "Loyal Brave True" was the bomb though.

No cynicism on the actual date [14/02/2021]





Marcus Aurelius Claudius: [13/02/2021]

Defeated the Alemanni. Annihilated the Goths. Knocked out the teeth of a wrestler who grabbed his junk in a match. Emperor of our hearts.
Saint Valentine: Maybe a priest. Maybe a bishop. Maybe a third guy martyred in Africa Proconsularis on February 14th. Heart-shaped chocolates.


Παραλίγο να γίνει όλη η σελίδα PDF  [11/02/2021]

Πατάω διάφορα κουμπιά κατά λάθος και το chromebook απειλεί να καταστρέψει ζωές.


Τελικά, ανάθεμα [11/02/2021]

Κι αν έχω πεί μια φορά στη ζωή μου "Χέστηκα!" κι όντως να ίσχυε. Τι να λέμε, εμπεριέχει μια δόση καθόλου-δεν-χέστηκα-θα-το-θυμάμαι-για-πάντα, η αναφώνηση αυτή.  

Maleficent 2 [08/02/2021]

The only possible conclusion is that humans waged war on the fae folk once again, turning everyone into plants and animals with the red powder. Cause humans are cunts. ~The end~


Ναι, ρε φίλε! [05/02/2021]

Έγραψα και follow-up παρά την έλλειψη βοήθειας από τους: Ιούδας Ισκαριώτης και Τέκνον Βρούτος. 😁😝


Great Success! [05/02/2021]

Fixed some glitches in the site.

Fucking, commas, [04/02/2021]

How do they work?

I wish I'd suck less, at least [02/02/2021]

Since apologizing isn't getting any easier.


Let it be Known That...  [02/02/2021]

Deadlines can't force creativity!
(They can, however, force the birth of some kind of misshapen mental blob). 

"In that shop of shady wares [30/01/2021]

fitted with deal shelves painted a dull brown, which seemed to devour the sheen of the light, the gold circlet of the wedding ring on Mrs. Verloc's left hand glittered exceedingly with the untarnished glory of a piece from some splendid treasure of jewels, dropped in a dust-bin". OR, the kind of stuff that sells poorly in its own time. 😒

Lol cubed [07/01/2021]

Influencer snowflakes *shocked* by recent Capitol chaos WISH they could get Jake Angeli lvl clout right now. Moral objections? Gtfo, when has that been on the agenda, cloutfarming hobgoblins? You've legitimized ANY and ALL kinds of behaviour for clout and $$$. Fucking applaud the guy now. Lol! Has anyone actually paid attention to current pop-culture? This is the kind of society and culture we have: randos will go to any length to "trend"; the rest of us will try to come up with an even better publicity stunt, apparently. Rinse, repeat. Oh, and something else. I wonder how *tolerant* the *people* are going to be towards the media when mainstream media becomes conservative af. The actual ideologies not being the point here, but the extreme dissonance between what makes sense to you and what *makes sense* according to corporate elites. Ultimate lol of all, imagine Capitol mayhem taking place in a non Western country which possesses some kind of geopolitical eye candy. Oh democracy, u so white.  

Trump protesters [06/01/2021]

Stomping on journalistic equipment: 0 IQ. The one guy methodically pouring water over it: IQ 200.


The moral of the story is [05/01/2021]

That a Miss Julie at least inspires a Hedda Gabler