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Burnt Sugar by Avni Doshi [28/12/2020]

Has been one of the most hardcore debut novels I've read in a while. Exquisite work.


🤔 [28/12/2020]

If you meditate before bed, do you take whatever dreams come more seriously? Like, it doesn't have to be a sell-everything-and-go-start-a-kangaroo-farm-in-Australia dream, could be a have-scrambled eggs-for-breakfast one. 


My 5 cents & keep the change, Ebenezer [27/12/2020]

Truth be told, I wonder if I ever saw this place as any more real than a gas station. I remember that, at first, I did not think of the locals as a hills-have-eyes bunch. That much of a chance  has indeed been wasted into disappointment.  But I now wonder about the short-sightedness of my own thinking process. As if it's not clear from the beginning what cannibals eat. 

"Cultural differences" does not meet agreeable levels of euphemistic bullshittery in this case. It's like looking cows in the eye. Moo moo, motherfucker. That simple enough for you?

I actually ate it [27/12/2020]

I dreamed I was twisting a thin, misshapen cigarette in my fingertips before using it. Only, I didn't smoke it. 

Χορτοφάγοι... κλαψ!  [24/12/2020]

Θα σκάσουν αύριο οι τρείς μάγοι με καρότα.

I simply must [23/12/2020]

Figure out my festive eyebrow shape.

My plan to survive the most bullshit Christmas ever, possibly (?) [14/12/2020]

1) books  

2) chess

3) vodka 

4) invite energetic (=robust enough to visit) friends over

5) profess I am lost at sea if unknown entities invite me for last supper kinda gigs. 

Mark Rutte & the Coronarules [14/12/2020]

Live shows every week.


An overflowing wave of negativity [14/12/2020]

Unable to play drums ✅

Unable to play Cyberpunk ✅

Unable to fly (in general or on a plane) ✅

Unable to play the fool ❎


As the year is coming to an end, [14/12/2020]

Here's some things that can kiss my ass:

1) "nice" people, or

2) not so nice people who can't even own up to their bs, or

3) rotten people on fucking crusades to convince the world of their eternal victim status, or

4) boohoo waa waa but! ME! ME! ME! people.

5) forgetting there's bread in the house and rediscovering it when it has turned into McMoldass farm. 


Zodiac's 340 Cipher [13/12/2020]

Makes more sense than the instructions for this assignment.


Alexandr Misko's fingers [28/11/2020]  

 👀  👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀   👀

In 2020, you're neither living nor dying [27/11/2020]

If you haven't been q-tip phone home'd in the nostril by somebody in a full on Chernobyl suit.

I must be coming down with something  [12/11/2020]

Today was the first day this week that I didn't, in fact, feel like cutting a bitch.

Titanic [10/11/2020]

"The boat is unsinkable and nothing but inconvenience will be suffered by the passengers".  Good thing I never was on it.

Mr. Stark... [08/11/2020]

I have nightmares about being here. Then I wake up and I'm here. Arguably, a two-phase daily operation.

Trick or Treat [31/10/2020]










A Case of the Sadz [22/10/2020]

Perpetually tired, hungerless fiend. Nails mostly broken. Speaks in (5) tongues. Send virgin by next full moon: long haired and bearded. Kthnxbye.

Poetry [21/10/2020]

"This is a chain fight in a biker bar in Frogsass, Alabama".

Naomi Watanabe  [18/10/2020]

In the "Rain On Me" parody vid. Fu-cking star quality!


Λανθάνων Σπασαρχιδισμό [16/10/2020]

Όσοι ηγούνται εθελοντικών πρωτοβουλιών, τείνουν να έχουν ένα συγκεκριμένο είδος ψυχοπαθολογίας ως προς το πώς μεταχειρίζονται τους εθελοντές. 

Perhaps I'll live to be 1000 [13/10/2020]

I stopped smoking, I stopped drinking, soon I'll stop having friends cause everyone's annoying all of a sudden.

Clark Table [9/10/2020]

While  enthusing over the new Billy bookcase in the living room, it came up that we have no name for the dining table.  

Donald [9/10/2020]
Never in my entire life have I known less about U.S. politics and more about the U.S. president than now.

Imagine being allergic to bullshit [8/10/2020]

​The daily death toll  would be insane.

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