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Commemorating 200 years since the Greek War of Independence: the coin collection

Collectors can now purchase 14 highly collectible coins commemorating the 200th anniversary of the declaration of the Greek War of Independence which was waged against the Ottoman Empire.

The three-part collection consists of a series of two bi-metallic (Cu Ni) coins depicting the first two coins of the Greek State, a series of eight silver coins depicting historical figures alongside the expansions of the Greek territory, and a series of four gold coins depicting the evolution of the Greek flag.

The 1828 Phoenix and the 1832 drachma. Photo by Greece 2021.

"This is an exceptional work that keeps the great numismatic tradition of the country alive", said Alternate Minister for Finance, Theodoros Skylakakis, during the teleconference held for the inauguration of the Numismatic Programme of the "Greece 2021" Committee which is responsible for a series of commemorative cultural events across the country and abroad.

The 14 coins meet the high quality standards of the award-winning engravers of the National Mint, and are already sought after by collectors because of their limited number release and the destruction of their molds after production.

First from left: the modern Greek flag - the five blue stripes represent the five syllables of "Eleutheria" (freedom), and the four white ones, the four syllables of "i Thanatos" (or death). The "Freedom or Death" motto dates back to the 1821 Greek War of Independence. Photo by Greece 2021.

"A beautiful collection, in which artistic value and history are combined", says Stavros Komninos, who has been collecting silver commemorative coins for almost 50 years. "Not only is this series highly collectible and made with gusto, it also celebrates the historic evolution of modern Greece without unnecessary nationalistic rhetoric", he adds.

Mr. Komninos' space history silver coin collection.

"It can also inspire people to look up that era's Greek diplomacy and the interests of the European Powers", he says, specifically referring to the eight silver coins which depict the territorial evolution of Greece.

Upper left corner: Theodoros Kolokotronis alongside the first Greek State. Photo by Greece 2021.

Moreover, purchasing the collection will contribute to the implementation of further projects celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence, by the "Greece 2021" Committee which is not receiving any State funding.

Public interest in such commemorative events is very high, given the 1827 project proposals which were submitted to the Committee by Greek civilians and institutions from around the world. The turnout highlights the great sentimental value of "the '21", as the 1821 Revolution is referred to by Greeks.

Theodoros Vryzakis, Grateful Hellas (1858).

"It represents struggle, freedom, and national identity", says Mr. Komninos, who has already ordered the collection and is now anxiously waiting for the coins to arrive.

Due to high demand, the collection is to be sold in strict order of priority.

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